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when are they...

able to sit up?


drink their own bottle?


We're reconfiguring some things in the house and just wondering when these things will happen?

Re: when are they...

  • DS1 was able to sit unassisted at 5.5m, the twins sat unassisted around 7m.  Twins have been holing their bottles for a couple of weeks now.

  • Mine could get into a sitting position at 7-7.5 months.

    They reach for the bottle and can hold it for a minute but still don't hold it the entire feeding.  We are at 8.5 months


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  • Our twins were sitting unassisted at about 7.5 months and drink their own bottles around 8.5 months.
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  • sat unassisted between 6-7 months (all 3)

    Griffin was holding his bottle at 4mo. Gibby was around 6mo and Grayson still hates holding it at 15 months - but will do it if he's propped up on a boppy... otherwise, if he's sitting up i have to hold it for him.

  • Our twins were sitting unassisted at about 7 months and held their own bottles around 8 months.
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  • My girls sat unassisted at 8 months and they still don't hold their own bottles.  They can kind of do it, but not really and don't really try to/show any interest in it.  DH can't wait until they can!
  • There's a wide range of normal for both of those. My boys both started sitting up unassisted at 7.5m and holding their own bottles about a month later.
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  • they were sitting inassisted around 6.5-7.5 months.

    at 10 months milina started holding her own bottle...ava was 13 months.

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