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Photographer in Greenville

Here is a link to our maternity session by Greenville-based photographer Erin Peckham.  She did an amazing job with the pictures, and even made DH feel comfortable in front of the camera - not an easy task.

I'd highly recommend her.  We just had these taken on Sunday and already she has put together all the pictures!

Re: Photographer in Greenville

  • Good to already have someone you love so she can take pics of your baby! I highly rec a newborn session. We did not do this with first son, but did for LO. Two pics from that session are in my siggie. We waited till he was 3 weeks, but if you do a real newborn session at like a week old or less, you can get those real "bendy" poses that end up being so cute!

    LOVE Falls Park. I already told our photog ( that I want to go there in May to do LO's 1 year/family pics. Will be beautiful with Spring flowers then. We're also going to get her to do 6 month/Fall/Christmas pics in November again at my parents house (which is where the newborn session was). They live on a lake and their house is beautiful in the Fall.

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  • We used Erin for our maternity pics, too! I saw your sneak peak on her blog yesterday! She was so much fun to work with.  You can see some of ours here

    We also love Tracie Birch and used her for newborn pics.

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