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Tubes question

Our godson is having tubes put in his ears today. Is this just an in/out surgery? I was trying to decide if we should send something. Thoughts?

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Re: Tubes question

  • Yep, he'll be in and out within an hour. At least my DD was. They did put her under general anesthesia, but the actual procedure was very quick. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am for the paperwork and such, and were home by 8:30.

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  • We haven't had tubes put in, but we did meet with an ENT who told us we would hardly have time to sit down in the waiting room before the procedure would be over.

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  • It's such an easy procedure.  I think it took all of 15 mins from the time they took him from us until they brought us back. He was back to his normal self about an hour later.

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  • It is a VERY minor surgery.

    We were in and out in an hour, hour and a half both times. No biggie!

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