When did LOs walk?

My one DD seems to be flirting with the idea....she can stand unassisted for a few seconds and wants to always push behind stuff as if she's taking steps...

Other DD is still skootching vs. crawling and still won't pull herself up...

When did LOs take their 1st steps??


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Re: When did LOs walk?

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    DS1 started walking right at about 13.5 months.
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    you have plenty of time.

    DS1 took first steps 2w before his 1st bday... walked fully a month later.

    Grayson's first steps were 2w before his bday... and walked about 6w later.

    Gibby's first steps were about 2w after his first bday and walked at just about 14mo.

    some kids walk at 9mo... some at 15mo... it's all normal.

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    Audrey walked at 13 months. Natalie didn't walk until almost 22 months.




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    The week leading up to their first birthday they went from cruising, which they had been doing for over a month to walking unassisted. We joked that they were reading the developmental milestone chart and ticking things off.
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    kegkeg member
    I can't remember exactly when DDs took their first "steps", but one DD went from mainly crawling to mainly walking one week after her 1st birthday.  Her sister did the same thing exactly a week later. 
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    13 months for both.
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    Will took his first steps around 11m and started full-on walking the day he turned 14m.

    Alex took his first steps around 14m and was full-on walking shortly before turning 16m.

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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    James took his first steps at 15 months and is now a few days short of 17 months and he takes many steps in a row.

    Connor is not walking and has not stood unassisted yet. 

    Both of my boys have been receiving Physical Therapy through EI since 10 months.

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    My daughter was the first to walk at 14 weeks exactly, and my son decided to follow in his sister's footsteps one week later.  They were both on the move within 1 week!
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    Both took their first steps at 13 1/2 months. They did it 4 days apart from each other.
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