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Have any of you made your own CDs?


 I am new here and not pregnant yet, we are currently TTC #2.  I wish we had CDed DD, but I hadn't learned about how easy they are until she was almost out of them.  I plan to CD our next children, but I was thinking of making them.  Anyone have a good pattern?  How difficult are they?  Where do you get your PUL material from?

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Re: Have any of you made your own CDs?

  • I'm going to be trying to make one (or more if the 1 works out).  I bought this pattern based off of recommendations  from other sewers on the Diaperswappers site:  http://www.darlingdiapers.com/buyddu.html

    I've been told it's pretty easy and  easy to understand so I'm crossing my fingers.  I bought 5 yards of PUL from JoAnn Fabrics online using a 40% off online coupon code.  It's $10 per yard normally, so I suggest having a coupon if you're going to get it from there (the bigger stores I believe have it in store).  

  • I've made a couple... I am a total novice at sewing, so the fact that I've been able to make some fully functional diapers means that it's not hard!

    I've only used free patterns:

    - Rita's Rump Pocket: http://handmadebyrita.blogspot.com/2007/10/classic-rrp-ritas-rump-pocket-pattern.html. I've made this as a fitted (flannel inner/outer) and as a pocket (suedecloth inner/fleece outer). It's designed for a Snappi closure but I've also added snaps.

    - Rita's Rump Cover: http://handmadebyrita.blogspot.com/2007/10/httpwww.html. This uses an aplix (velcro) closure, so it will work with PUL. The pattern is designed as a cover, but you could modify it pretty easily to leave the pocket open so that it's a pocket diaper.

    - Cloth Revolution: http://themafiatutu.blogspot.com/2010/04/free-cloth-diaper-pattern.html. Lots of options for this one -- snaps/aplix, pocket/AIO/snap-in soaker, etc. Awesome instructions, too.

    Hancock Fabrics and Joann's both sell PUL. It's $12/yard at Hancock's and $10/yard at Joann's, and I usually have at least a 40% off coupon. At my local Joann's, they didn't know that they sold PUL when I asked Wink I found it in the utility fabrics section, near the felt.

    Swaddlebees is also doing a clearance on SUPER high quality sandwich PUL right now for $6/yard (plus shipping): http://www.swaddlebees.com/Products/Clearance/IRREGULAR-BLUEBERRY-ONE-SIZE-DELUXE-HOOK-LOOP_15. I just got some the other day and haven't sewn it up yet, but it feels a lot nicer than the stuff from Hancock's/Joann's.

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  • I'm trying that Cloth Revolution pattern, it looks amazing!

    I've been using these patterns for the most part and have been very happy with them.

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