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Those with nannies

...tell me about it. Good? Bad? Are you glad you went this route? Struggling with what to do once number 2 arrives. Kids will be about 22 mos. apart.  I don't love daycare but DD is finally at the point where I think she gets something out of it. And, I have some anxiety about having just one caregiver and not a lot of "rules" to keep things safe. On the other hand, I am very unsure about putting another newborn in daycare. I really never felt good about it until recently even though we have a nice center, and DD was sick ALL THE TIME the first year to the point where it really affected our lives (multiple holidays, vacations, etc affected--nearly ever major event for her whole first year).

Financially, it makes no sense to do one thing w/ DD and another with the baby! Ugh.


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Re: Those with nannies

  • We also struggled with what to do when #2 came along. We thought about a nanny share for the newborn but the other couple decided against it. In the end we went with a nanny and it has been great for us. Pros are that we don't have to get the kids ready in the morning so it is low stress, kids have not been sick at all in the past seven months, nanny takes kids on fun playdates, activities, outings, etc., nanny does all of the kids laundry, cooks them healthy food, ocassionally starts dinner for us. Cons: you are relying on one person for the safety and well-being of your children, generally not as structured as daycare (this could be pro or con), cost, higher energy bills, additional costs if you do pre-school, music, etc. A few other random thoughts: we don't find having a nanny to be more flexible in terms of hours. Our daycare was open 6am to 6pm. Our nanny works 8am-5:30 and we don't feel we can ask her to work more. We rarely ask her to babysit because we think she needs a break from our kids (and work!) You must have a back-up care plan. I'm a believer in you get what you pay for. The cost of our nanny is significantly higher than two in daycare but for us (for now) it's worth it. My biggest concern regarding a nanny was socialization for our shy 2 year old. She has totally blossomed under the care of her nanny and has become much more outgoing. I felt she was often lost in the shuffle at daycare and now she gets lots of 1:1 attention and also activities with kids, the elderly, babies, etc. Finding the right nanny is key - go with your gut. Good luck with your decision!
  • My son had been in daycare, but when I found out we were having twins I hired a nanny.  I liked the daycare but I love having a nanny.

    He THRIVED under her.  His vocabulary went through the roof with the 1-1 care.  She is also a teacher and has a lot of experience with infants and toddlers.  She is good at taking them out every day and keeping them occupied at home when they are home:  art projects, cooking projects, helping my toddler with educational games, etc.

    Pros for me:  no getting everyone ready in the morning, no rushing to pick someone up at the end of the day.  I don't have her do any cleaning for us, but she does pick up after the kids.  Cons:  if she needs time off, I need to find a backup option (I get one through my work, so actually this isn't a big deal for me).  You also have to budget for classes, etc., if you sign your children up for that.  And, next year I'll also have to be paying for preschool for my son in addition to the nanny for  my twins.

    It really will depend on the type of nanny you get.  You can get a glorified babysitter or you can get a professional nanny with teaching experience.  You'll pay more for a nanny with more experience (and maybe an educational degree) but IMO that is worth it.   You get what you pay for.


  • We love our nanny and are very glad we went this route.  She is a live-in nanny, so we don't have to go through a long morning routine to get DD out of the house.  She is very experienced and good with DD.  She is very flexible with her hours and helps out all the way until DD's bathtime at 9 PM.  She also does light cleaning and cooks dinner.  The cons are that she doesn't speak English - only Mandarin Chinese, so it's very difficult for me to communicate with her.  Luckily, DH speaks Chinese, and his parents live right next door, so if there's anything I need to tell her, they can translate for me.  The upshot is that DD will probably grow up to be bilingual (though I won't be able to understand her if she speaks Chinese to me).  We also can avoid DD getting sick from being in daycare as well.  DD is very young, so I can't comment on whether she's really learning anything from the nanny. 
  • We have a nanny and overall I'm so happy!  I heard horror stories about missing SO much work being in a traditional daycare.  On one hand I'm sad that DS doesn't get that much kid interaction but on the other I just love the 1 on 1 attention.  I'm not pg again but am torn with what to do when that happens.  If I put DS in daycare in the future, do I pull him out when #2 comes?  I'll probably keep a nanny through #2. I'm 100% certain I wouldn't put my 3 or 4 month old in a daycare.  The choice is so tough.  Good luck!

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  • We went the nanny route because we were told that our LO absolutely should not be in daycare (she was 10 weeks early and could have easily ended up back in the NICU if she got sick), however, we had been leaning towards getting a nanny anyway because of the convenience factor.

    Our nanny started two weeks ago when I returned to work and we absolutely LOVE having her! She is a live out nanny, and she comes at 8:30 every morning and stays until 6PM. I love that LO has one on one care and that I don't have to deal with packing her and her things up and taking her somewhere every morning. I also love that if I hit traffic or run a little late I dont need to worry about being charged by the milisecond for every minute I am late picking her up.

    Our nanny was extremely experienced and is great with LO. I always let her know what milestones LO is working on and she works with her to help her reach them. When she started, my LO was not reaching for toys at all (its one of the few milestones that she is behind on), and after a week with our nanny, she started reaching for toys and is now a pro at it!

    As for the lack of interaction with other kids, she is really too young for that right now, and I have tons of friends with little ones who she will get to interact with, so I am not concerned.

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