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second play yard recs

We have a Chicco Lullaby and we like it just fine...don't have anything to compare it to.  We used it as a bassinet and now use if for DD when we are on vacation or staying overnight somewhere.   My in-laws are in CA and we have visited them twice and brought the PNP with us and just checked it with the luggage. 

We are heading there again and considering buying another one for the in-laws house especially now that we are having another child and will get some use.  Don't know if we want to spend the full amount for another Chicco Lullaby. I noticed there are some cheaper Graco models but not sure how big they are.  DD is already filling out the Chicco lengthwise, so I don't want to get anything too small.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks for your time!

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Re: second play yard recs

  • I would not spend all that $$$ on a souped up PnP for grandparents.  The bare bone Graco models will do the trick just fine.  They have the bassinet feature if you wanted to use that.
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  • Just order the cheapest one you can find with free shipping and have it sent to their house.  We did this for DH's grandmother in WI... I think it was about $59 for a Graco one that was on clearance on Amazon.  Since we knew we'd only be using it 1-2 times a year, bare bones was all we needed.  It's worked out perfectly.  My mom also has a cheapo Evenflo that is good as well. 






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  • You might consider the Graco TotBloc.  It is larger and less expensive than the Chicco Lullaby.
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