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Nanny vs. daycare

Last Friday, our nanny gave her 2 weeks notice.  I'm devestated because DD really likes her.  Her reason was she found another family 2 blocks from her house whereas she has to commute 30 min to our house.  The other family is paying her less than we are, but it's more convenient for her.

Anyway, I'm kind of traumatized about her leaving and having to do the whole nanny search/interview/adjustment thing again.  I found a home daycare that is close to our home and I like the provider and environment.  I'm thinking it would be a more stable situation for DD as opposed to another nanny that might leave again.  The cost for either isn't an issue.

Given the choice, which would you choose?  Also, DD is 7.5 months.

Re: Nanny vs. daycare

  • Tough call.  I prefer center personally.  On the bright side, your DD is at an age where she will LOVE being around the other kiddos.  Hope you find something that works for your family.
  • At 7.5 months, I'd definitely go with daycare. She's getting old enough to really benefit fro being around other kids her age.
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  • we go to an in-home daycare and couldn't be happier.
  • i also do not like/trust in-home centers... i know there are good ones out there- but i just hear way too many horror stories about them (the latest, a 2y/o possibly dead after falling into the pool at her daycare, in-home type).

    I like daycare centers - they have lots of accountability - many adults watching the kids, an each other.  Our center has video cameras you can watch online, too... plus a million other reasons why i love it.


  • I have no idea. We are expecting number 2 and I don't know what to do with daycare vs. nanny. Unlike most moms on here, I do NOT love daycare. DD goes to a nice center, but I haven't felt good about it until recently. Now I finally feel like (at 1.5) she's old enough to get something out of it and enjoy her "friends," but I hate the idea of putting another little baby in daycare. My personal feeling, deep down, is that kids are best in their own home until age 1. But do I go through the major hassle and the risk of trying to find a good nanny, and pull DD from daycare just when it's getting good for her?? I don't know.

    I do think having a nanny (if we could find a good one!) would be easier on us--i.e. more flexible hours, less packing up, no pick-ups and drop-offs, etc. But it seems so hard to find someone new. The ONE THING I really do like about the center is that I feel like they have lots of safety rules and multiple adults around--it seems safer than having just one caregiver.

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