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? about infant front carrier

Sorry if this has been asked already here but I was wondering what infant carriers people have registered for or have used. My husband and I  aren't quite sure of which to chose. We are leaning towards the babybjorn...but again aren't sure...so I would love some feedback! :) At this point, all baby gear seems very overwhelming.  Thanks so much!
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Re: ? about infant front carrier

  • I used an inherited Bjorn when I had my DD and hated it  I didn't wear her/use the Bjorn very much.

    I bought an Ergo before my DS was born and I LOVE it.  Some people see the fact that baby can't face outwards as a negative, but my DS just looks around.  I don't think it bothers him one bit that he's not facing out...because he doesn't know any different.  And I can always use the hip carry if he wants to be looking forward more.  It's also nice because he can sleep on me in the Ergo, even now at almost 7months. 

    It is so comfortable, and I can even carry my 2 year old in it, in the back carry.

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  • we got a bjorn off craig's list and LOVED it!  DD loved sleeping in t facing in and loved facing out at the grocery store and hiking.

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  • I have a Bjorn and an Ergo, and I like the Bjorn much better when the baby is under 6 months. After that, I like the Ergo.
  • We registered for the Bjorn Comfort.  It has a waist belt, similar to the Ergo, and was really comfortable for us.  We each wore it around the store with a heavy doll for a while and it was surprisingly comfortable.  Pretty expensive though ($200).
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  • I loved the Moby Wrap when my daughter was little. It is a lot of fabric but once you get it down, it is great. It is very comfortable. I like the fact that it keeps my daughters knees at or above my daughters hips, unlike the Bjorn. A Baby Bjorn has the child's knees hanging lower than the their hips and this can pull on their hip joint. Plus, I hated the Bjorns because they smooched my boobs and gave me head aches like a sports bra does.

    Once my daughter got a bit older, we moved onto the Ergo and I love it! I wear my daughter a lot in it. At about 11 months I started wearing her on the back and now any time she is a bit cranky I put her on and she calms down fast.  I also like how much cheaper the Ergo is compared to the Bjorn. Oh, and how my daughter's weight is carried on my hips not my back! Big plus!

  • The Bjorn is awful and I wouldn't spend $200 on their newly designed one when an Ergo is $104. I have the Ergo and love it.
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  • I have a BabyGo (unregistered shower gift) and an Ergo.  The BabyGo is a cheaper version of the Bjorn.  I did use it this summer because it was much more lightweight and easier to use than the Ergo + insert.  Now that DS is 4 months, we just use the Ergo and it's great.
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  • I've heard from a few people that the Bjorn is bad for baby's back.

    We're about to buy a Pikkolo, since our Baby K'tan is getting a little stretchy with her weight.

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  • i have beco butterfly 2 - similar to the ergo.  it's great.  the new one they came out with (the gemini version) is very versatile.  plus they're really pretty.
  • We have an Ergo. It's great (They're also on BabySteals today, so cheap!) DD falls asleep pretty much as soon as she's in it, so it's fabulous for going to the store.


    I also liked our fake moby when she was smaller, but she's so big and my wrap was a little small, so didn't fit as well as I liked. I'm hoping to eventually get a woven wrap. 


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