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anyone travel with a bugaboo cameleon?

can you gate check a bugaboo in a transport bag?  or do i have to check in my bugaboo in the transport bag at the ticket counter?


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Re: anyone travel with a bugaboo cameleon?

  • I'm pretty sure you have to check it at the ticket counter (I think the only kind of stroller you can gate check is an umbrella one).

    We just flew to the UK and decided against taking our bugaboo b/c some people told us it could get stolen. if you take it, consider getting travel insurance just in case!

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  • I cannot even imagine traveling with it- I bought a really nice umbrella stroller because I could not see traveling with teh Cameleon. Im pretty sure you have to check in at the counter in the bag, but Im not 100% on that. My suggestion- get a travel stroller.
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  • I travel with my Bugaboo Frog a lot. I pack it in the transport bag the night before and I even slide a few extra diapers and my daughter clothes in with it. I check it with our luggage and then wear my daughter through security in the Ergo. 

    I have taken our Maclaren before and I personally did not like having to gate check the stroller. It was easier to just scan our tickets and walk to our seats, than have to close up a stroller while trying to juggle dd. Oh, and baby stuff flies free and I dont know anyone who does love the extra space for a few baby items or maybe an extra pair of shoes.

    I would not gate check my bugaboo. It has to come apart to go in the bag and that would be a bit pain in the rump. I will say that having my bugaboo on the other end of my journey is totally worth it since my dd will sit in this stroller for a lot longer than any of our other ones. 

  • I have a few friends who have put their Bugaboo in the transport bag and checked it as luggage with no problems.  They purchased $20 umbrella strollers to push their kids through the airport and gate checked that because who cares if $20 gets destroyed.

    I remember reading a story from someone who gate checked their Bugaboo, didn't put it in a transport bag and it got destroyed.

    If I ever traved with DS I'd buy the transport bag and check the Bugaboo stroller as luggage. 

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