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Still jaundice at 6 weeks?

So, our 2nd preemie, Big Ben (35-weeker), had his 6 week check up today.  He is already 10.4 lbs.!  The problem is that he is still tinted yellow in his eyes and face, enough that we were sent for a blood draw to check his liver functioning, billrubin levels, etc.  I feel stupid because I missed the obvious I guess because I am looking at him all day.  The Pedi stressed that we need to get the results back before we start to panic.  Some possible scenarios are "very rare" medical conditions.  The internet has not been helpful or kind to my nerves.  Any experience with this?
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Re: Still jaundice at 6 weeks?

  • I don't personally have any experience with this, but I hope your LO is ok and you don't have to deal with any medical complications! T&P to you and your LO.
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  • I had really bad jaundice that I had to live under 2 UV lights. I've been reading online about it and it says to also keep them under natural light. It helps break up the bilrubium(sp). Maybe you can bring this up to your Pedi when you go back.
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  • We had this problem at 5 weeks. The Dr's said it was from my BM. So they put her on formula for a couple of days then gave her BM again had no problems.
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  • Possibly breastmilk jaundice - which is very easily fixed and DOESN'T mean he can't have bm; just would need a little break (like 24 hrs) to help get the levels under control and then can start back on bm.

    I assume they did a fractionated blood draw to see the conjugated/unconjugated bili levels among other things. They should be able to get back to you ASAP on it. Hang in there! Odds of it being one of the really rare liver disorders is of course very low. Prayers for you and Big Ben.

  • Thank you, ladies!  I didn't hear back from the Pedi today, so I am still holding my breath.  Your posts make me more hopeful.  :)
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