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Booster seats

Does anyone have any recommendations for ones you like?  We haven't used the high chair in a while because he does much better sitting at the table but he has been sitting on a shoe box and you just can't clean a shoe box very well and it is getting icky.  I really don't want to spend a whole lot, but the cheaper ones I have seen are so short that you may as well not even use one!
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Re: Booster seats

  • We just got this one last week (for $7 on babygaga, woohoo!) and I really like it. It doesn't look like it would add a lot of height, but it is plenty for Maddie. It's easy to clean and seems like it would be pretty comfortable.
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  • We have this one... It was the cheapest one I could find ($10 at Walmart), and it works just fine for us. We did take out the seatbelt straps because we don't really use them, but I do like that it straps onto the chair. It is a tad too low though for our table. We have it sitting on a folded up towel right now.

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  • I just started watching another little girl who is 3, during the day.  Since they don' have a highchair, Will sits in her Cooshie Booster while eating.  He has done great!  I think we are going to transition sometime soon, although he is still inclined to get down often.  At the our house he still does great in his highchair, so we'll see!
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