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Holy BFP, Batman!!!

So after months of disappointment, apparently baby #2 is coming!! It's very very VERY early but seeing as I'm obviously not telling anybody IRL yet, I had to tell here or I was going to burst. Whooooooooooo!!!
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Re: Holy BFP, Batman!!!

  • Woohoo!  Congrats!
  • I guess all it took was asking about fertility help right?? congrats to you and your DH:-)
  • How exciting!!  Congrats!
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  • That is great news! I'm so happy for you. 

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  • Exciting! Congrats!!
  • Weren't you just asking about fertility docs? That's awesome! Congrats on the great news.
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  • congratulations!
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  • congrats!! happy and healthy 9mo to you!
  • congrats!!!!!!

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  • Congratulations! 
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  • Congrats!
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  • Congrats to you!!! we are about a week apart from each other!  I noticed our sons are almost the same age too. :)
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  • Congratulations on getting the much-wanted-and-waited-for BFP  :)  Hope you're feeling good and the first trimester is easy on you.
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