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Tell me about working out at home...

DH's work schedule just changed, meaning I'm home alone with DD early in the morning.  There's no way I can get up even earlier to work out before DH leaves the house.  No room for a treadmill in the house. I'm thinking work out DVDs would be the way to go?  30 day shred maybe?  Any advice for working out at home?  Should I run circles around the backyard? Stick out tongue

Re: Tell me about working out at home...

  • My husband just started doing this Cross Fit program.  It's a new 20 min intense workout every day posted online, that you can modify depending on your level, the workout equipment that you have (if any), etc.  He seems to really like it.
  • Ooh, sounds promising.  Off to google it.  Thanks!
  • I have a few friends who do workout DVDs at home and love it. They've told me they also do ones on Comcast cost.
  • I like 30 day shred and I think The Firm videos are pretty tough.  As pp said, if you have comcast, the ondemand section has some videos (it used to have at least 2 of the 3 shred videos). 

    Do you have room to jump rope?  One of the best workouts you can get (and fun)!

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  • I use a DVD. The one I have is a fusion pilates (pilates, aerobics, yoga) DVD, but I'm looking to get something else.
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  • When I work out (rarely), it is to workout DVDs. I have 3 Jillian Michaels videos and a cardio kickbox one. They are great and I can get a kick butt work out in 30 min.
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  • I haul my butt out of bed every a.m. possible and do the 30 day shred dvd. When I am too tired for that then I have a yoga dvd I do or sometimes I go with the good old core secrets.

  • FYI, I have to do my work out first thing otherwise it doesn't get done. LO wakes up around 6:30 so if I can get up at 5 I can workout and have plenty of time to get ready, etc.. I love the 30 day shred workouts because they are only 20 minutes and challenging. I love the fact that by the time LO is up I've worked out, showered, made coffee, did my hair and makeup and breakfast is waiting for LO to come eat it. It makes our mornings go that much better when I get up and I feel better about myself throughout the day.

    I also try to do a 3 mile walk with LO in the stroller when I get home. I typically have something in the slow cooker so when we get home from our walk I just have to serve it up. Then it's play time, bath and bed. 15 minutes of dishes and then I have some alone time with my wine. :-)

  • Ditto about the ON Demand videos.  I managed to lose 20lbs by working out with those 20-25 minute videos.  Last time I checked the selection seemed to be not as great but it's a great place to start.
  • We have an elliptical and I use dvds, mainly the FIRM. You can rent a lot of dvds through netflix to see what you like first if you don't want to buy.


    The FIRM is really good- a mix of cardio adn weights. We also have some of the BL dvds for short workouts.

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  • We don't have ondemand but we do have Netflix!  Perfect!  Thanks so much ladies!
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