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For the deal seekers

I know you ladies love good deals as much as I do. Have any of you heard of/used My mom heard about it somewhere & told me about it. Looks freaking awesome!

Re: For the deal seekers

  • Some of the girls on another board I frequent were talking about it the other day.  Seems like they all really loved it.  I may definitely have to look into it this go round since I don't have a stitch of girls clothes.
    image Connor Reeves - July 4, 2007 Naomi Raye - January 26, 2011
  • That's pretty cool! I take it you can't see the actual items in the boxes, just a description, right? I need to read up on that a little more...

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  • I am signed up! The site looks awesome!
  • This is way cool. Thanks for sharing!
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