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NBR: #(@&%@&!!!

I am traveling internationally in 3 weeks. I procrastinated renewing my expired passport. About a week and a half ago, I filled out all the forms and had everything ready and together except the photos. (Was already planning to pay to expedite things, which takes 2-3 weeks.) I finally got the photos thursday, but when I went back for all the other stuff to put with them...I couldn't find them. I tried to remain calm and give it the weekend to turn up while I cleaned. This stuff is NOWHERE!!!!

I am currently missing:

my expired passport

my marraige certificate

my birth certificate


Where in the world could this stuff be??? I swear it was on the desk, but then thought maybe I put it somewhere "safe" and hid it from myself. But I've looked EVERYWHERE!! Did I throw it away or something? Did someone come into my house and steal my identity? How in the world do I get my passport now? Somehow rush a new birth certificate & then do some kind of mega rush on the passport and pay a bajillion dollars? I know, I know, it's my fault for being a procrastinating, unorganized mess, but...

#@&%*&#@%&[email protected]#*$Q#@&%@#*&#*^$@*^&*#!!!!!



Re: NBR: #(@&%@&!!!

  • Oh man! I'd be freaking out!! GL finding it.
  • Poor you! I am so sorry you can't find what you need. I hope it turns up soon.
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  • I bet Simone ate it.  That sucks, and I hope you find it sooN!
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