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DD won't wear her CDs?

I'm a PT cloth diaperer.  I've have been using the CDs more and more lately and trying to buy more for my stash.  Last week, however, when I go to put the CD on DD, she arches her back, puts her hands behind her back and says "No, No, No!" and will cry pretty hard.  She will only let me put on her seventh generation sposies :(

What's going on?  Any advice or suggestions?

Thanks for your time!

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Re: DD won't wear her CDs?

  • We are just switching over to CD's as of last week, and DS is the same exact way.  He has a screaming fit, arches his back, pushes it away.  Whatever he can do to get out of it!  He just isn't used to it, I think.

    Not sure I have any advice for you.  I just wrestle him into it!  We went a couple days with CD's, and he finally stopped doing it and just gave in to the fact that he wasn't getting out of it.  Then we went on vacation over the weekend and I used sposies, and we had the same issue again this morning.  I think he'll be fine in a day or two.  Just keep at it and don't give her the option of not wearing it!

  • They possibly could be resisting because unlike disposables, they will "feel wet" when they soil their CD's. I'm sure this is a bit uncomfortable for them, and is why some people credit using CD's to successfully potty training earlier than with disposables. 


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