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Is constipation genetic - anyone taken LO to GI?

So DD has suffered from constipation for more than a year now. We have been on milk of magnesia and now mirilax. We are going to a GI in early Oct. That being said, my mom says I had the same problem whe I was younger, even up to 8 or 9 years old (they didn't have online forums or the internet back then, so I guess I never had any medicine for it).  And DD#2 only has a messy diaper once a week (she is 3.5 months old).  Is this problem genetic?  I know newborns can vary on their messy diapers, and one week is still ok in between messy diapers, but DD#! was like that too when she was a newborn, so I worry that this will turn into toddler constipation too. 

Has anyone taken their LO to a GI?  How did it go?  what can they do to help?

Re: Is constipation genetic - anyone taken LO to GI?

  • J started get bad constipation around the time we switched her to whole milk.  it has persisted.  we go to dr. louis-jacques at inova.  there's really not much they can do except they monitor her progress.  we now take 1 tsp of miralax every single day.  i don't like it, but it's better than the alternative.  and yes, i think messed up bowels are genetic.  my husband's side of the family all have screwed up  systems.
  • I don't know a lot about constipation but I just wanted to say that DD had it really bad as well. As soon as the doctor let us start her on Miralax at one year old, everything improved dramatically. It does make her diapers messier but it's better than having her strain and scream everytime she has a BM. So, I hope the Miralax will help you as well and that the doctor can shed some light on the situation.

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  • My daughter had it from milk, so I cut milk out of her diet rather than give her drugs.I also cut milk out my diet since I was nursing. It made a huge difference, it went away completely.

    I saw a few pediatric GIs at John Hopkins and Childrens, and they were okay with that. It was a form of intolerance. She was such a happier baby, my fear was that she might have a side effect from the drug and not be able to tell me.

    She gets it now occasionally, usually whenever she drinks milk or eats cheese.

    I had it too, but being genetic - I believe it's what you eat and how your body reacts to it, that may be genetic, but not the actual constipation. I can't have large amounts of milk myself or I wind up in the bathroom because of the opposite issue. I was constipated as a child, and I am sure it was probably something I was eating, because I had a very limited diet as a child.

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