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Diaper obsession?? Potty training related??

DD#1 just turned 2 and has been playing with diapers (clean thankfully) for a few weeks...ALL THE TIME.  She wants to hold as many as she can at once and keeps asking for more.  She has me put them on her stuffed animals and then goes to change their diapers because she says they peed in the diapers.  She sleeps with about 10 diapers in her crib.  She recently wants to wear a swim diaper over her clothes all day long, so we have to put it back on after we change her diaper.  We have started having her sit on the potty more at home and at school, and I'm wondering if this is somehow related to her knowing subconsciously that she will not be wearing diapers for too much longer.  Any thoughts?

Re: Diaper obsession?? Potty training related??

  • I think it might be just imaginative play.  DD is 17 months and she loves to help wipe when I am changing her diaper (she gets her to use) and she likes to help put her diaper on as well.  While she hasn't started diapering her animals, she does put them in her old car seat and rock them as well as baby strollers and walk them around. 
  • I doubt she's making a connection between "potty = no more diapers ever, so better play with them now."  I think she's just having fun.  Take lots of pictures of her with diapers in her bed, so she can be easily blackmailed later.  Stick out tongue
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