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My POTD - Hiking Packs

Anyone have a backpack carrier for their LO that they love? We went hiking yesterday for the first time since DS was born and just used a Bjiorn, which was fine, but I think it would be much better as he's a big boy, to go ahead and get a backpack. I don't even know where to start with those...any suggestions?

And by the way...DS LOVED hiking! He giggled and laughed the whole way. I'd call that the perfect afternoon Smile

Re: My POTD - Hiking Packs

  • We have one, my MIL bought it for us at a Consignment shop. I don't remember what brand it is, but it has a little zippered compartment underneath where the baby sits and that is great for holding different baby-related stuff (diapers, wipes, snacks, etc).
  • Someone gave us their old Kelty child carrier and it's very comfortable. They don't make ours anymore, but the ones online look similar and now have a zippered part like a backpack (ours doesn't).
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