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pumping Mom humor

my boss is on maternity leave but came in for a couple of hours the other day, she told me I can use her office to pump until she returns. She does not have a lock on her office door (I have a cube, we do have a mother's room but this is more convenient). So I made up a sign for the door - it has a "Do Not Enter" followed by the driving do-not-enter sign, a picture of a Mom holding a baby and a picture of a cow (all pictures curtesy Word). LOL


Re: pumping Mom humor

  • Too funny! I used to put a sign on my classroom door that just said, "Do Not Disturb." I'm lucky that it has a lock, but I sent an email to everybody that has a master key, letting them know they really didn't want to come in unless they wanted a big surprise...

    Now that I've stopped pumping I still have my sign - I wish I could put it out occasionally!

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  • I copied from another woman in our office, who used "Privacy please - pumping in progress" just to be crystal clear. Nobody bothered me - no knocking, no phone calls even! That made pumping easier.
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