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Has DD forgotten how to swallow?

DD seems to like a lot of the food we give her, but she ends up spitting it out. The only reason I think she likes it is that she keeps taking more and putting it in her mouth, but she doesn't actually swallow it (which makes it hard to know how much she's eating!). I think she's gaining weight as she should, so I'm not too concerned about that, but am not sure what's going on!

Anyone else been through this?

Re: Has DD forgotten how to swallow?

  • I think it's another stage, do you react when she spits it out? she might be going for your reaction and thinks it's fun
  • DS does this too - I call it chipmunking - he'll "store" chunks of food in his cheeks, not chewing them, and then shriek when he reaches maximum capacity - he doesn't spit it out, for whatever reason.

    We started keeping a closer eye on how many chunks we put on his tray for self-feeding and making sure they were all being chewed before giving him more.

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