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Castor Oil vs Mineral Oil

Was reading online where someone was unable to find Castor Oil (they are stationed in Japan).  So she was thinking of trying Mineral Oil.  As far as encouraging the runs they are the same thing but for enducing labor? 

Have been curious myself about this lately as I can't imagine it's any worse then medical intervention to induce.  If it comes to me actually having an induction date set by my doctor I think I would actually consider this the day/night before.  But until then he can keep cooking, I have been feeling better lately then my entire pregnancy! 

Who knows if they even sell it around here. Thats why I wanted to know about mineral oil also.     

Re: Castor Oil vs Mineral Oil

  • I don't think mineral oil is digestible. I've been warned about putting it on your skin because it clogs pores and isn't easily absorbed. I wouldn't swallow it.

    ETA: Wikipedia says its a laxative. I'd still go with castor oil (which is made from a castor plant) over mineral oil (which is a petroleum bi-product).

  • I wouldn't ingest mineral oil. Then again I wouldn't ingest castor oil either.
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  • I have had a medical induction (that failed BTW) and I would take that over castor oil any day.  There is a risk that not only you will get super dehydrated and sick, making for a miserable experience, but that your baby will also have a bowel movement and can aspirate it.  Then you can have lung issues.

    Not worth it. 


    ETA:  Two of my girlfriends have had inductions when they were overdue and one had her baby in 5 hours, one in 12.  No issues at all.  It just jumpstarted things.  Mine was over a week early due to high BP, so that is probably why it failed. 

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    Carson Henry, born 39w, 2d, via emergency c/s due to no fetal movement and fetal distress.  Seizures, IVH grade 2, brain injury, kidney and liver damage.  Complete blood clot in the artery in his right arm.  27 days in the NICU.  Now discharged from all specialists, excepts his kidney doctor, who will monitor him indefinitely.  My tough little cookie.

  • Personally, I wouldn't do either. They just cause you to poop and give you bad cramps!!! And that's the last thing you want to take before delivering...  although poop and delivery go hand and hand a lot of times, you don't want to make it worse!
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