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Problems w/ incision 11 months post c-sect

I need some help! My incision after 11 months is starting to do some weird things. I haven't had ANY problems with it whatsoever until now. On the far right side, a lump is forming about the size of a little pea. It's bluish, like it is filled with blood. It's not very painful and not a hard lump...pretty squishy. Now, the rest of my incision is feeling rougher and redder. Why after nearly a year would something start flaring up? Is it possible my body is attacking the inside stitches or something? Could it be the makings of a hernia? I'm going to the dr monday I think but may have a P.A. friend look at it tomorrow. I'm so scared about it!

Re: Problems w/ incision 11 months post c-sect

  • Hmm...have you been wearing different pants or undies? Something that could be irritating the area? Or exercising differently, or lifting more than usual? Could be some sort of hernia. I wouldn't think the stitches would make a difference this far out, plus don't the inside ones usually dissolve? 
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