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Car seats and taxis?

We will be travelling to DC this fall for a long weekend.  DH and I used to live there so we're familiar with the city but that was before having DS.  We'll take the metro most of the time, but will probably use cabs on occasion. Do you need to use car seats in cabs?  If so are there any good cab car seat options (DS will be 23 months when we go)?


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Re: Car seats and taxis?

  • I think the law allows you to have a child w/out a carseat in a cab...I think

    he'd have to sit on your lap

  • I have no idea.  Maybe ask on the NYC board.
  • You can legally ride in a cab without a car seat.,a,1187,q,487826,taxiNav,%7C30625%7C.asp#45 

    If you are calling a cab to pick you up (such as making an advance reservation for a trip to the airport), you may be able to get a cab with a car seat in it.  Otherwise, you could just install your car seat on the spot with a seat belt, but of course, carrying around a convertible seat would be a pain.

    Personally, I would be pretty uncomfortable with DS riding in any car without a car seat -- without being as secure as he is in our car.  Also, I know someone who was in a pretty bad accident in a DC cab and was only OK because she was wearing a seat belt, so that makes me feel even less inclined to put DS in a cab.  If it were me, I'd just plan to make this a Metro-accessible visit to DC, or rent a car if we absolutely wanted to go somewhere that we couldn't get to by Metro. 

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