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ETS question

Hi. My husband is almost done with the Army so we're heading back home very soon. Originally he had 23 days of leave saved up so we were going to take those and go home early. BUT his higher ups decided to not allow him those leave days. (long, dumb story. Anyways...) So needless to say lots of plans got thrown out the window. I'm supposed to be in my best friend's wedding which is about a week before my husband is done here. I've been told I can fly home before him and the Army still pay for it, as long as he has his clearing papers.  Anyone know if this is really true?

Also, regardless of if I fly with him or without, will they also cover baggage fees? He was stationed here before we got married and I moved out here on our own dime so we've never technically PCS'd or anything. I don't fully understand how it all works.


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  • I flew out one month before my husband was scheduled to leave.  I believe the Air Force reimbursed him for my ticket.  I don't think they covered baggage.  The Army will ship all of your household goods for you.  Unfortunately they pick the day that TMO comes to pack your things.  I'm not sure what else to say that will help you.  Sorry.

    Oh and about his leave, the AF did that to us too.  But you get paid for it.  So his last paycheck should include base pay for all they days of leave that he wasn't able to take.

    I hope I have helped. 

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  • My husband got out in April, and although we didn't fly, they should either A.) pay for your ticket, or B.) give him what they call a "Travel voucher" and it should reimburse you guys for any of your expenses.  Just make sure you save all of your reciepts of everything you buy/pay for while traveling, then turn those into his unit's finance office. 

     Also, we were able to use some of his leave to get out a little extra early, but the rest they paid us for in his final paycheck.  Good luck with everything!

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