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My thought on my "oops" baby

This is from my blog today but I figured some of you ladies may appreciate it too. Wink 
I have mentioned before that if I had waited I wouldn't have had kids. I would NEVER have considered myself ready. Still believe that 100%. I also still marvel at where the over $800 a month in daycare, diapers, formula, and whatever the coolest-must-have-crap-I-buy-RIGHT-NOW comes from. I know for sure we didn't have that kind of money just hanging around before he popped out.

You just make it work. No seriously you really do. Now granted we were not paycheck to paycheck before... but it wasn't too far off. I did however shop for myself more... go to happy hour MUCH more frequently, take more mini vacations, etc.
Instead I get this chubby little monster to watch grow up:
He's also given me:

1. The motivation I desperately needed to finally lose the weight that I had gained over the last 10 years.

2. Perspective on work/life balance

3. An appreciation for my husband that can only come while watching him with our son.

Now it's not all puppies and rainbows there are sleepless nights, weeks when money is tighter than I would like, PPD, moments when you cannot "make it all better" and you feel like the worst parent in the world. It somehow all evens out though when the baby looks up at you and smiles, laughs, or falls asleep in your lap. It reminds you that just like anything in life... you sacrifice for what's the most worth it. The hard days make the great ones that much more special.

Awwww. Puke right? Sorry I am in a sentimental mood.

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