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Only 3 bottles for 8 month old?

I've noticed that for the last week or so, DD has only been taking 3 bottles a day. Six ounces each at the most but usually she'll only take 5 or 5.5 oz. Sometimes I'll make a bottle in between her usual 3 but she'll only drink 1/2-1 oz.

She's been eating finger foods exclusively since she won't eat baby food anymore. I have tried not giving her any food until she drinks a whole bottle. It doesn't seem to make a difference in her formula consumption whether she's had a solid meal or not.

She's still getting about 22 oz a day, but is usually waking at night for a bottle as well. I can't force her to drink more during the day though.


Re: Only 3 bottles for 8 month old?

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    I think 22 oz. is right on target, actually.

    My son is getting much more formula at almost 8 months, but that is partially because we are still working on getting purees into his mouth, instead of on his face.

    What finger foods are you feeding? I'd love to know!

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    Yup 20-22 oz is recommended for an 8 month old.
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    Tegan gets about 24 ounces of formula in a day, but the days that she is at home, she doesn't seem very interested in her mid morning bottle. She'll drink most of it, but it takes her awhile and some minor convincing to eat drink the whole bottle. They say that she drinks all her bottles at daycare quickly and without any convincing, but I think it's because she doesn't nap as well and is more active at daycare.

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    We BF, but DD only has a couple bottles when I'm at work and probably doesn't eat more than 20-ish ounces total.


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    ds still gets 26 ish in 4 bottles but I am hoping soon he drops one of the bottles to get to 20 oz.  He eats mostly finger food also, he has decided he doesn't want mommy or daddy to feed him....its going really well so far, he eats little bites of almost everything we eat.
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