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Pickup Trucks & Car Seats

My DH has a company car right now - a 2 year old Malibu.  His employer is talking about replacing it with a single cab pickup truck.  Obviously, we're going to try to avoid this, but it may not be possible.

We use my car on the weekends and I do 90% of the daycare drop off and pickup.  Our daycare is 2 suburban neighborhood miles from our house (never exceed 40mph, no major traffic lights).  I know it's not ideal, but we're thinking we can just turn off the airbags in his truck and put her rear-facing seat in the front passenger seat.  It's legal in our state, so that's not an issue.  But, I know my Mom is going to freak.

WWYD?  The only other option is for us to buy another vehicle.  Which is difficult because 1. we don't have a lot of extra money right now and 2. we are only allowed two parking spots where we live. 


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Re: Pickup Trucks & Car Seats

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    I would do as you stated and turn off the airbags in DH's truck and only use his truck to transport LO when absolutely necessary.
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    i would read the manual for that truck, DH drives a pick up and he has the second row bench seat but it clearly states that no types of car seats are to be used in the truck even with the airbags turned off.

    and i would never put the carseat in the front seat regardless of mph/how far your daycare is.

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    We traded in our two-seater pickup for a small used SUV because of the car seat. Air bags malfunction frequently, and I didn't want to rely on the "off" switch working. We didn't have a lot of extra money either, but you can finance just a couple thousand dollars if you need to.

    Can DH talk to the employer to hold off on replacing his car for now? If they insist on a pickup, you may always have to transport the baby in your car. If he needed to pick up baby, he could come trade cars with you at work. Not ideal, but many people make it with only one car.

    Or if you got a new car, he wouldn't need to drive the company car home, right? So you'd still just need two spots?


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    I don't think you should put a car seat in a pick-up truck. You should probably start using your car to take LO.

    I am not a busy body, but why are y'all using a company car for something not work related? If anything were to happen to DH or LO while in the car his work place would be responsible; no?

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    That's exactly why you are able to turn off the airbags. DH has an extended cab pick up and the manual says it's ok to turn off the airbag to put a carseat.
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    One of the Dads at daycare actually drops off his son occasionally in a dump truck.  (As a side note, the other kids love to see the red dump truck in the parking lot.)

    If the airbag turns off and it's not very often I would be okay.  If I had another option, I would skip the truck though. 

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