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Well that was weird...

So the DDs and I are walking through the mall when all of a sudden one of those cosmetic kiosk ladies comes running up to us (no joke) going "Oh my God!"  She started fawning over Hera like she'd never seen a baby before!  I didn't know weather to be offended or not when she pulled out Hera's soucie to get a smile from her, because she kept telling me how absolutely beautiful Hera was, how she was the cutest baby she'd ever seen.  She even called over her fellow kiosk-er and they both fawned.  Hera loved the attention... and frankly so did I, but jeez!  This woman was so aggressive!  

Sometimes you just gotta wonder. 

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Re: Well that was weird...

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    Some people have no boundaries.  We were at the Picture People waiting to do our 10 month photos and within about 2 minutes of talking with a random stranger she told my husband that he needed to knock me up ASAP because according to her it's not right to have two kids too far apart in age, "secretly figure out her cycles and time it right" is what she told him...right in front of me!   Ummmm okay. 
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    Ha! I can top both those stories. I walked into a gas station today to get a drink and I had Tegan on my hip. Well, when I walked up to the cash register to pay, the lady behind the counter squealed and then actually took Tegan out of my arms! It all happened too fast for me to even think about stopping her. Fortunately, I had just picked Tegan up from daycare and she wasn't too happy about someone other than me holding her and so the lady handed her back. I know this lady didn't mean any harm, but it made me think about how quickly someone could potentially just snatch Tegan out of my arms. Scary. Tongue Tied
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