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I'm about to hurt my dog

She is driving me CRAZY.  The past two days I let her out and she poops and pees.  As soon as she comes back in and I start doing something - she runs into the other room and poops and pees on our rug.  She's done it about 7 or 8 times in the past 3 days.  She always tells us when she needs to go to the bathroom but she hasn't.  ANd like I said it's almost immediately after I let her out and she comes in.  We're having to throw the rug away because it's so disgusting.  WTH!

Re: I'm about to hurt my dog

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    Could she be sick?

    That's definitely strange for a dog that is already potty trained and usually lets you know when they have to go out.

    I'd take her to the vet just to be sure. 

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    I went through this with our dog last month.  We realized we were paying more attention to DD as she was hitting milestones and we can really play with her now.

    So one day after work I gave her an extra big greeting and had DH take care of DD while we had 30 minutes of cuddle time.  The peeing inside stopped that very night.

    I agree with pp to take pup to vet but you may also want to try some extra attention.  Worked for us. GL!

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    Attention could be it. Re what PP said about LO hitting milestones and being able to play with them more, the vet clinic I used to work at heard lots of these complaints and questions from families with LOs around this age. If she is not sick (UTI, intestinal bacterial infection, worms, or many other things) then try spending some extra time with her, taking her for a walk alone without the baby, or playing her favorite game after LO goes to bed.

    If problems still persist (after she has been checked by a vet, of course), then in addition to the extra attention, re-crate train. As corny as it might sound to repeat Cesar Milan's words ("The Dog Whisperer"), he is right when he says that "exercise, discipline, and then affection" is the way to keep a happy, healthy, mentally sound dog.

    I know our Princess certainly let us know when she had begun to fall to the back burner. But resuming the regular routine of walking, following through with all the rules that we had established and once expected from her, and then remembering to give her the same attention we used to solved the issues we were having. 

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    We had this problem with our dog and it was her anal glands. But, I would also try what the pp said.
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    We had this problem with our dog.  She was peeing and pooping on DS's blanket.  As a PP said, we were giving DS way more attention than we did the dog so we started to spend more time with the dog and make sure she gets her daily walks.  We also started picking up the blanket she kept going pee and poop on and we've had a few weeks with no issues.
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