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Any good cough/congestion remedies?

DD has a wicked cold (thanks a lot MIL) and an ear infection.  Horrible cough and congestion.  She's on antibiotics for her ear, but there aren't any approved medications for kids this age for the other stuff. We've been using the nasal saline and booger sucker, running her humidifier, keeping her inclined and steaming up the bathroom.  Any other suggestions?  She's miserable and not sleeping much at all.

Re: Any good cough/congestion remedies?

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    We just went to pedi for same thing, and it sounds like you're doing everything we were told. This sucks! I thought bf'ing was supposed to help prevent these types of things. Very frustrating. And I just changed a gross diaper of diarrhea too. Ugh. Gl, I hope your dd feels better soon!
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    We are going through the same thing and I just had a similar post yesterday...a fellow bumpie suggested Baby Vicks Rub it is all natural ingredients and you are supposed to rub them on their feet before they go to sleep...couldn't find it today at the grocery store but I will be heading to a pharmacy tomorrow.
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