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help this new mom with teething?!

I think DS may be teething, but I'm not sure.  He'll be 7 months at teh end of this week.  He is suddenly having several "mushy" stools a day, totally off with his sleeping schedule (napping during the day and waking at night), feels very hot with a mild low grade fever, and seems very flat and somewhat fussy.  I can't feel anything under his gums.  How will I know when he's teething?  Are these symptoms?  What were your LO symptoms? 


Re: help this new mom with teething?!

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    It sounds like he's just not feeling too well. DS didn't have any of those symptoms when he was teething. Aside from chewing on everything in sight and excessive drooling for weeks before the first tooth popping through, he was extremely cranky and irritable and refused to nap in the few days prior to the first tooth appearing.
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    LO never had a fever. He chewed on everything he put in his mouth, and drooled a ton. He was fussy and didn't nap well though.
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