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To Crib....Or NOT to Crib?

The nutshell: Fiance is going to boot camp in seven days. He will be gone almost 3 months. He will come home 10 days, then he is gone for 29 days. We are due the first week of December, and right now we are in a one bed room apartment. When he gets his orders on job training and where he will be stationed, we will obviously move.

My question is should I get the nursery stuff now? Should I go ahead and register for the items that will go in the nursery? Or should I wait till we move and just get the basics for now? Like a bassinet and just a few items. I am really torn on this because I like to be prepaired and plan ahead. And I hate to waste money on a bassinet when I know we will need a crib. But I don't want to have a tone of things to move or risk them getting broken in a big move. Maybe the nesting is just kicking in full gear now and driving me crazy! But any comments from expeirence would be wonderful.

Re: To Crib....Or NOT to Crib?

  • Can you just get a PNP with a bassinet feature for now?  You're probably going to need something like that for the actual move anyway since if you do get a crib now, it'll be packed up and moved and you won't have access to it for several days. 
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  • I am going to second the PNP with bassinette.  We used out PNP all the time for the first two years.  Every time we went OOT or to a friend's for the day, we brought it.  I brought it outside with me when I was planting in my garden.  You can not go wrong getting one of those. 
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  • My husband and I are PCSing when LO is going to be between 6 and 8 weeks old. We've got our crib (we got it on a really good sale) and some other nursery items, but after we checked to make sure there was no damage to the wood, we boxed it back up. Nursery items are going to move (in their original packaging) with the rest of our household goods and LO is going to sleep in the bassinet part of the playard (we're getting a Chicco instead of the Graco) through the first couple weeks and moving process. I was/am hesitant to move without already having some nursery items, simply because I have no idea when or where I will be able to get them once we've actually moved, and I know DH will be of little help once we get there because he will be busy getting acquainted with a new unit.
  • I agree with the PNP.  DD has only slept in her crib for one nap.  Plus it will come in handy if you will be making trips home, or if your next place is two levels, you could have the PNP in the living room. 
  • I say register for it anyways.  What isn't bought for you you can buy for yourself later on.
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  • Oh - and I also agree with the PNP.  It will be so worth it whether you are about to move or are somewhere permanent.
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  • I'd just get the PnP and basics anyway ... we have so much crap that we will never use (and that includes the crib ... she sleeps with me!).
  • Not. I've never seen a PnP, but my plan is to get a moses basket and use that while LO and I are back in the States after delivery. Once we get back here, we can decide what to do about a crib.
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  • I would register for everything you need and wait to set up once you move. For 2 reasons your place is small and more improtantly no matter how hard you try stuff always gets damaged when you move it. So dont assemble the crib till you get to new your new place.

    I am looking at one of these for the first couple months. It's a cosleeper but also converts to a small play pin which will come in handy for visits for grandma house when we move her to the crib.

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