Packing your bag

I know its been asked but looked back for 10 pages and couldn't find it.

When did you ladies pack your hospital bags and what all did you pack?

Is there a link of what to pack?


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Re: Packing your bag

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    I am wondering this also.  I am almost 30 weeks with twins, so I know I should do it earlier, but I am wondering how early still. I think with DS I did it about 4 weeks before.  I am thinking I should have it ready by 32 weeks maybe.  I've heard it's good to have a bag ready in case you end up at the hospital with pre-term labor and don't have the baby.  I guess it would be good to have both of them ready soon.  I would love to hear what others think.
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    See here, from a couple weeks ago: 

    There's also a link in that thread to another one that was from a couple weeks before it. 

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    I packed my bag at 32 weeks and delivered at 36 weeks 1 day. Honestly if you're having a c-section you won't need much. I stayed in my hospital gown the entire time. I was on mag for two days so I felt terrible for a good bit after delivery. I just needed clothes to go home in, clothes for the babies, toiletries for showering, and flip flops/ slippers. One thing I recommend is to bring your camera with you every time you go to the doctor's office. I went in for a monitoring appointment and ended up delivering a few hours later.
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