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blackout curtains that really work?

I have heard it's a good idea to get blackout curtains for the nursery, but I remember when DH and I were looking for some for ourselves, we bought two different kinds and neither turned out to really make the room dark.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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Re: blackout curtains that really work?

  • Well, we couldn't even find actualy curtains that worked. We ended up going to JoAnn's Fabric, and buying blackout material. It sucks cause you can't ever open the window if you want, but we just cut the material to fit the window, hung it, and then hung regular cute curtains over it.

    It's a little weird, but it works great! We found it when we needed it for our room. H works nights, so he needs it really dark during the day. 

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  • Roc-lon 100% blackout linings.

    However I have heard that it's good to not let babies get used to sleeping in specific conditions. Like if you use blackout they will only be able to sleep in a dark room. It's good to keep the room dark at night but not necessary for naptime. Just a thought so you don't feel as pressured to buy new curtains if you don't want to.



  • We bought regular thick white panels for the nursery, but I also bought white blackout fabric from a local store.  I just cut it to size and safety pinned it to the top of the panels.  This way I can open and close them easily, but still take them off without ruining the panels.
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  • Got mine from them!!
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  • we just bought a cellular shade that has aluminum in it to block out the sun and also to help with keeping out the heat and the cold since that is an issue for the nursery thanks to the window's exposure. I'm not normally a shade fan but I'm making an exception in the hopes that this works.

    We got it at home depot. It is also cordless which I like. 

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  • JCPenneys has some great ones- I think the brand is "eclipse".  We have them for our bedroom and they work almost too good because I overslept and was late for work when we first got them!  Stick out tongue 
  • I bought the blackout curtains from target that you add on to your current curtain.  It was very simple, just pin them on and your curtain works the same. 

    The room is VERY dark, which is perfect for my husband who works over night!

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  • I bought Eclipse brand curtains at Target.  The 100% blackout Eclipse curtains from Target work great.  The 97% blackout Eclipse curtains from Target also darken the room, but definitely not like the 100% ones.


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  • We just bought from Lowes their Levolor celluar shade, LOVE IT!! It makes the room so dark! With a press of a button it goes back up in a sinch! During the day i shut it half way so its not so dark. My dd goes to bed early so i need it for night time.

    Totally reccomend it!

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