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This is why our DCP is awesome

Every Friday at our DCP they take a field trip and they ride on the small school bus she has. We switched to Brody's convertible car seat three weeks ago, but I had been bringing his infant seat for field trip days since he still is under the height/weight requirements. Well, I forgot his carseat today and didn't realize it until about 4pm.

When I picked up Brody from daycare, I was worried that he rode on the bus on the helpers lap or something, since I didn't leave the carseat. Nope, the helper pushed Brody in a stroller the 2 miles to the park they were going to instead of taking him on the bus where he would be unrestrained. I apologized and apologized -- I felt terrible she had to do that, but I was extremely grateful that she went out of her way to ensure my son's safety.

I've always loved our DCP and everything she does for the children, but this just reaffirms how great she is!

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Re: This is why our DCP is awesome

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