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My niece will be here tomorrow morning!

I'm so excited to meet her!  Apparently she's measuring small so they're doing a c-section at 7:30 am.  

I don't understand most of this stuff, but my sister thought she would be induced yesterday, but the doctor said her cervix is still too thick or something and would most likely not respond to being induced??  She had a c-section with my nephew so I guess this was likely to happen anyway.  The due date is the 26th so my sister is just ready to meet her daughter! 

Naive question for the mamas:  how soon can you eat after having a c-section?  Is it monitored at all or do you get to dive right in?  I made cake pops for my sister's baby shower and she didn't get any, so I was thinking of making them again to take to the hospital.  I wouldn't want to torture her though if it turns out she can't have them.  ;) 

Sorry so long, I just can't wait to be an aunt again... even though it's my 5th niece/nephew! 


Re: My niece will be here tomorrow morning!

  • Exciting!!! Unfortunately I have no advice about the eating thing, but I wanted to say congrats on being an auntie again!! Can't wait to see some pictures

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  • Yay for tomorrow meeting your niece. I was on liquids for 24 hours. But it took me a few days to want to eat. Maybe take them and dinner to take over one night when you go over. It would be appreciated.
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  • Thanks girls!  I might take them just for visitors to eat and save a few for her for later.  :)  Dinner is a great idea too, thanks!
  • Congrats on being an auntie again! I'm still waiting to really enjoy being an auntie. My nephew is 2 weeks old now, but mama isn't ready to share him with anyone yet.
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  • Exciting!!!!! 

    When I was induced all I wanted was a gigantic cheeseburger... and I came out of the section gagging at the mere thought... I'd bring her the cake pops the following day, if I were you!

    Congrats, almost, again, auntie!

  • Yay for being an auntie again!!
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