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hypospadias mamas-posted yesterday on 9-12 mos

We go to see the Urologist soon to talk more about upcoming surgery. Looking back, are there any recommendations on questions that I should ask?



Re: hypospadias mamas-posted yesterday on 9-12 mos

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    We really didn't ask too many questions at the first preliminary apt as the Dr couldn't tell us specifics until he got in and operated.  Our DS had a more extensive procedure though as they had to re-route his pee hole and he wore a catheter for a week after.

    They will give you guidelines on feeding prior to surgery.  I would ask what they will be using to put him under (for us it was gas, then iv, then breathing tube plus a spinal...not fun).  You'll want plain neosporin on hand for after.  Make sure they write you prescriptions and fill them right away when you leave the hospital.  Once the IV drugs wore off DS was not a happy camper

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