One wakeful 4 mo old?

If one of your LO's went through a 4-month wakeful period, how did you deal with it?  Here's what's happening for us.  She's sleeping great; he's not anymore.  We have their 4-month dr appt next week where I'll hopefully get some advice, but in the meantime, any advice? 

Re: One wakeful 4 mo old?

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    we separated them and unfortunately at 6mth it is still going on..not to scare you!! I am at my wits end with it with our DD in our room in the PNP bassinet which she is way too big for. She is SO LOUD and wakes up at least 3 times a night and eats one of those times.

    Our pedi at the 6mth appt said point black - CRY IT OUT. 

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    One of mine had it BAD... he would SCREAM every 2 hours at night... I did not seperate them because I wanted them to get used to sleep thru eachother, and they did... I did keep feeding him, but then my dr had me start cereal.. It took about 2 weeks to work, and i did do cry it out.. It sucked and I cried but no lie after 3-5 nights, he is now sleeping 7-7 without a peep!!!
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