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My mom's house is freezing and even with Q dressed in socks, onesie and footed cotton PJ's then swaddled in an Aden + Anais blanket, she woke up cold. So today I'm going to get her some fleece jammies. Should I also try to find a fleece swaddle blanket? Any recs? Maybe a hat too? I just layered a receiving blanket with the A&A blanket. Hope that helps. I didn't anticipate having this problem in August!
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Re: Freezing!

  • I just talked with a friend last night who lives in Lexington.  She mentioned how cool it is there.  What part of KY are you in?

    I'm surprised she was cold with those layers.  Maybe add a long sleeve onesie over the short sleeve onesie?

  • I really like the swaddle designs blankets. Either that or probably just some regular footed jammies with the swaddle blanket - I have some gerber long sleeve footed pjs from BRU. I put B in just those and B is always plenty warm, although our house is not cold.
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  • I just saw some blanket sleepers from Carters.  They look really have and warm.  Maybe they would help.

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