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Electric Bills - ugh!

Just got our most recent electric bill - ouch!  It's more than 3 times what we were paying in California.  It seems like our AC never shuts off here.  We rarely had to use it in California.  Can't wait until the weather cools off.

Oh, and one mor vent.  Our heat is gas.  Our gas usage for the last 2 months has been zero but the first bill was $90 and looks like just to have the gas turned on it will be about $30 - WTF?

Re: Electric Bills - ugh!

  • That stinks!  I know you have to run it more with more humidity too.  The gas heat *should* be less expensive though.
  • Humidity is a killer when it comes to our A/C.  It doesn't help up that I'm SO HOT at this time either. 

    Soon we'll be able to turn the A/C off...I hope.  =)

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  • Our electric bills are almost double that of last summer.  Then again last summer there were only 2 days or so over 90 degrees.  One thing I'd recommend is to see when the last time your AC/heater has been serviced.  That would include changing the filter because if the filter is clogged then you can easily replace it yourself and have the unit run more effectively.   Gas furnaces should be checked every few years or so (can't remember the number) so that's worth checking out too for efficiency reasons.

    Definitely feel your pain on the electric bill.  I don't know exactly how much our gas bill runs in the winter but for the most part we're heating/cooling double the size of house that we were in Illinois for close to the same price.  Mainly because we built a new house and it's got a lot of energy efficient stuff not to mention we have a 92% efficiency hybrid system (meaning gas & electric).  It cost a lot but I think it's paying for itself.

  • We've actually had a few days when it was a little cooler and I would have liked to have turned the AC off, but the humidity is such a killer. 

    I had DH change the air filter last weekend.  It's down in the crawl space way under the house and he had to trim some bushes back to be able to access the crawl space door.  He said he also noticed the duct work is all a mess too which probably isn't helping.  We're renting, so I don't want to invest too much in this sort of thing, but I guess if we're going to keep renting for awhile it might be worth it in the long run.  I'm hoping that we don't stay here past our lease though, I don't particularly like this house. 

  • I know how you feel. The last month has been pretty hot and humid here and all of our families commented on how their electric bills doubled this past month :-(
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