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I feel like I'm going to snap!!!!

We are going away for the weekend and DH is working 40 hours in 4 day so that we can have a long weekend. This week my mom and DH have been going back and forth with me in the middle. Nothing huge, just saying things that offend each other. So this week I've tried to smooth that out and DH expects the house to be clean when he gets home, and DS is screaming, he's tired and teething. I feel like I'm going to SNAP!!!!!!!!

Re: I feel like I'm going to snap!!!!

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    That is really stressful and uncomfortable to be stuck between H and your mom!

    Would your H really be mad if you couldn't get the home completely together if you had a challenging day with DS?

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    he probably wouldn't be but, we've discussed SOOOO much this week, the last thing I want to do is talk about problems more.
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    Aaaah so its a hot button issue?  I do try to avoid those during stressful weeks!  Hopefully one day he'll spend a large chunk of time home with DS and realize how hard it can be to get chores done!

    Sometimes my H forgets this... then I go to run some errands and he totally gets it! lol  I get more help after those days.

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    Yea, same with my H
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