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Its not even worth it ...

It takes me anywhere from one to two hours to get C down for a nap, for which he most likely will only sleep for about 30 minutes. And did I mention I have to be walking/bouncing/singing this whole time? I don't understand what else I can do. He just stares up at me with these big tired eyes, but won't actually fall asleep. He closes them and starts to sleep, only to wake up a couple minutes later, to which we start all over. I have tried everything, from putting him down in his crib when he gets tired, just sitting quitely with him, putting him in his swing, white noise, everything i can think of.

Anyone have any suggestions for ways to get them to fall asleep faster?

Re: Its not even worth it ...

  • I'm sorry you are having such a tough time! I know at one point Briley was fighting sleep so much that I realized I wasn't playing with her because I was spending so much time trying to get her to sleep. If I couldn't get her down in a reasonable amount of time, we would play for a while and try again later. If nothing else, it was a little better for my sanity. It will get better! I hope it's soon!
  • Sorry you're having such a tough time with this.  We went through a long phase just like it.  During this time I relied on the swing a lot.  I think she took most of her naps in the swing for a long time.    She would also fall asleep in the stroller or her carseat. 

     One other thing that we did and still do is play a little lullabye CD everytime we put her down to sleep.  I still play it for her everytime I put her in her crib to sleep.  It's only about 20 minutes long, but I think she associates it now with relaxing and going to sleep.

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  • Big {{{HUGS}}}.  I have no advice to offer. :(  Is he at least sleeping for you at night?  
  • moby wrap.

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  • Hopefully this passes soon, and I am learning that if it doesn't work to get him to sleep in a reasonable amount of time, to stop trying for a while and try again later. He did sleep for about 4 hours today once I went over to my sisters so that is fantastic

    As for the moby wrapl I've tried it a couple times and either can't get him in it right, or he just hates it.

    And for sleeping at night, we do about 3 hour incriments and he usually just gets up to feed then back to sleep, with an occasional awake span of 2-3 hours.

  • Keep trying with the moby. Watch a tutorial on YouTube if you're having trouble getting a good fit. He's probably big enough for the regular hug hold (legs out) instead of the newborn hug hold (legs froggied in). Keep practicing and put him in when he starts fussing then start walking. The key to getting them to pass out in a carrier is movement. Walk around your house and he should pass out. He may fuss or cry for the first few minutes but most babies do that while they get settled in the wrap for some reason. Hang in there!
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