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What toys for 1st birthday...

What big toys are you planning on getting your LO for their first birthday?

I plan on getting Tegan a My Pal Violet by LeapFrog (I know, not that "big", but it's something I want her to have) and a Little Tikes Play Kitchen. Since her birthday and Christmas are so close together, we are going to have to spread out some of the more expensive gifts.

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Re: What toys for 1st birthday...

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    I haven't given it much thought, but I know we want to get DS a play workbench/tool set of some sort.  I agree with spreading out the expensive gifts when Christmas and birthday are so close together.
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    My parents are getting him a combined Christmas and Birthday gift this year. They promised it's the only year they'll do it. Since he obvioiusly won't remember. They're getting him a little swingset! (Which we won't be able to set up until next summer).

    I'd like to get a small bookcase for his room. We currently just have lots of books in one of his dresser drawers. But I want reading to be a big part of our bedtime routine, so I'd like for him to be able to actually see them.

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    DD's birthday is xmas eve- so she will be getting bday stuff  2 weeks before xmas and then xmas stuff at xmas.

    So far here is my list-

    -My Pal Violet

    -Pottery Barn kids anywhere chair

    -Prince Lionhart ladybug wooden wheely

    -some sort of activity table, I am looking at the leapfrog one

    -some sort of ride on/push toy

    -a musical set

    So far that's all I have- I will also get her some books and clothes.

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    We haven't really talked about it, but we might do like we did last year for Christmas and put money into his stock account and maybe a toy or two. On a side note, if you can, I would get the My Pal Scout (or Violet) now because DS loves playing with it. He knows how to press the paws and smiles at it every time. He is in love with the light and crawls to the toy every time he sees it.

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    For her birthday a Rody.

    For Christmas I think a play kitchen. I like the way the one from Ikea looks.

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    We are getting him a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car.

    My parents are getting him this:



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    I'm getting DD the Fisher Price Stroll along walker. And maybe the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House for Christmas
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    My dd loves her My Pal (Violet) the batteries died the other night and I have to go out and buy some more but she saw it sitting on the couch and started kicking her legs and laughing for it. I gave it to her and it wouldnt make noise and sing to her and she cried so hard, I felt so bad :(.

    But I agree I would try to get the Scout or Violet now.

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    DS got a Bee Bop Band (it's a new name/brand now) for his 1st birthday and still plays with it occasionally:

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    No clue.

    DD's birthday is in January so I'm planning on hitting up the after Christmas sales to take advantage of some great deals. It will depend on what I can find and what she's interested in at the time.

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