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Waking in the middle of the night

My DD wakes up a few times a night and I just let her cry a bit...she usually goes back to sleep with in 5 minutes...anyone else's LO doing this.  I am not sure why she is waking...she is not hungry...thoughts?

Re: Waking in the middle of the night

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    Recently (last 3 weeks or so), my LO is doing the same thing, around 50% of the time.  Before, he slept solidly through the night.  I think it's due to teething.  He usually soothes himself to sleep w/in 5min, but if he fusses for longer, I go in there and give him some tylenol and a hug.  Most of the time that does the trick.  Good luck!
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    I don't really have any advice but my LO does this too.  She usually wakes at least once and cries but I always wait at least 5 min before going to her and she almost always goes back to sleep on her own before that.
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