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Baby born addicted to caffeine?

So H read somewhere that babies can born addicted to caffeine and it raises the chances of SIDS (note to self, don't let DH read anymore). I don't drink coffee, energy drinks or even eat a lot of chocolate. I just drink coke but sparingly. But now he wants me to cut it out completely and I feel like this is ridiculous.... Has anyone else heard of this or think like this?
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Re: Baby born addicted to caffeine?

  • I think that as long as you stay under the amount recommended by your Dr, you are OK. 
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  • When I had my son I was very young (19 yrs ago) and I had drank Coke a lot during my preg & he was born a lil shaky. They questioned me if I had taken drugs during my preg so there is def truth to that--babies can be born addicted to caffeine or shaky from it. Having a relation to SIDS, I don't know anything about tho. If I were you I would def cut back on drinking Coke.
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  • Maybe talk to your dr but 1/day is probably fine. I still drink 1/day. I've never heard of them being addicted or it being related to SIDS.
  • I'd have to see the source, I guess. Just doing a brief search for credible, scientific sources that cite maternal caffeine intake as increasing SIDS risk, I cannot locate anything decisive. 

    I feel safe going by my doctor's orders and limiting my caffeine intake to 1 or 2 beverages a day. 

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  • Ugh. I am so glad my anal retentive husband decided with our first that he would avoid reading that type of stuff and just let me decide what diet/practicies were most responsible with regard to my pregnancy.

    I drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day. That's what my doc said I could have.

    I did it with my first 2 as well. They have no health issues and their vocabulary/intellectual skills are considered advanced for their ages by their teachers. Clearly, they were not victims of SIDS.

    I would say, yes - his request is ridiculous.

    But of course, this is from some one who still drinks caffeine, doesn't worry about consuming artificial sweeteners, eats deli meat and hot dogs, has the occasional half glass of red wine in my final trimester, etc. Yeah, I live on the edge.

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  • Babies can withdrawl from caffeine, I've seen it, but usually it is a mom who drank a pot+ of coffee a day or something ridiculous like that.  And usually it is in combination with a nicotine withdrawl or something.  It can also pass through breastmilk, so if you continue to drink some while breastfeeding (assuming you're going to breastfeed) babe should get some that way and won't be going "cold turkey" after they're born.  They recommend to stay under 200-300mg of caffeine a day, and one can of pop has about 50mg, one shot of espresso has about 85mg.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    I don't know anything about the relation to SIDS.  In the NICU, we give babies caffeine (oral or IV) to help prevent apnea.  It stimulates the brain stem and "reminds" them to breath, so a link with SIDS seems a little odd to me.

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  • I think the show"I didnt know I was pregnant" changed my opinion on what I've done while I'm pregnant. I've drank dr pepper, coke, pepsi, sweet tea, and just about everything else I did before I got pregnant. Cut out the redbulls and monsters though. My Dr actually told me to drink caffeine on a regular basis because I have migraines, and hypoglycemic too. He said it should help with the migraines when I take the meds for them(and the meds have caffeine in them too), and my blood sugar is always low.
  • Our birthing class nurse had a horror story where a mother was drinking 2 liters of Mountain Dew every single day. LO was born addicted to caffeine and began withdrawal immediately after birth, with several painful weeks in NICU. It can happen but it does take an extreme disregard for the guidelines. I've had 1-3 cups of half-caf coffee with the occasional full strength cup on bad days all along, and will continue to do so while breastfeeding, so the chance of any addiction is minimal.
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  • I havn't heard that before but my doctor told me at my 13 week appt. that I didnt have to cut out caffine altogether and that one a day is fine.
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  • My Dr's office told me that 8 oz of coffee or coke a day is fine. 

    It is my understanding that babies can be born addicted to caffeine, but that as long as you didn't go overboard on caffeine during pregnancy, the most likely outcome is a more cranky newborn (due to withdrawal). 


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  • J+MSJ+MS member
    Thanks for your input, ladies. I'll think I'll just stick to my coke every now and then.
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