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Providence Tarzana Med Ctr or Valley Presbyterian??

Hi ladies,

I am just looking for a bit of advice on which hospital you would recommend if it came down to choosing.  We are actually all set to deliver at Cedars Sinai because that's the only place my OB will deliver.  BUT, since we live about 30 minutes from Cedars, we also want to pick a backup hospital that's close by in case delivery is 'imminent' and we dont have time to make that drive (or if, heaven forbid, I go into hard labor during rush hour and the 405 is jam packed and we are afraid to get stuck on the freeway for 2 hours).

Anyways, these two hospitals are very close to us, Valley Pres is closer but I have read good things about the Level II NICU at Tarzana Med Ctr and I guess if it does turn out to be an 'emergency' delivery, we would want the hospital that has the higher rated delivery care. Hmmmm... so I may have just answered my own question but if any of you have delivered at either of these places, know of anyone who did or just have some input on which hospital would be better, I would appreciate your comments.

I'm planning to take the Childbirthing classes at Tarzana so we can get a feel for the facilities and at least know the layout if we end up having to go there.  Same thing with Valley Pres. they give a free Expectant Parent Tour once a month and we decided to go check it out and ask lots of Q's so we can get a 'feel' for the quality of care, etc at both locations.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!


Re: Providence Tarzana Med Ctr or Valley Presbyterian??

  • Providence Tarzana.  Don't even consider Valley Presbyterian--not even if you just need a Tums.

    PT has a pediatric ER, for one thing.  Then it's a top-notch hospital, right off the freeway.

    We accidentally went to VP the first night in our new house (last year).  That night my DD had a fever of 104.5 (at 5 mos.).  We had no idea where to go, so we just chose the closest.  It was obvious right away that we chose wrong.  No pedi in the ER.  Tons of poor, uninsured people in the waiting room, including one guy who had no i.d. and didn't know where he lived.  The doc was a d!ck.  The facilities were shabby.  They gave DD antibiotics for bronchitis, which our pedi later said is a no-no.  And to top it off, the billing was really shady--so much so that Blue Cross claimed they were charging twice for a lot of it and so wouldn't pay for half the bill.  They sent threatening letters rather quickly, I thought, after the Blue Cross refusal.  I think they saw people with insurance they could milk.  And we ended up being the ones milked.

    Of course now we know where to go: PT.

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