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How long for teeth to pop through

If you noticed teeth in the gums, how long did it take before they popped through?  I can see the teeth in the front of her gums, they are about halfway to the surface.  And she seems miserable.  Just curious how much longer we have to go!  Thanks

Re: How long for teeth to pop through

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    Ugh...I'm in the same boat as you...can't wait to hear other responses. Also, do they get relief as soon as the tooth starts to break through, or does it have to come all the way?
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    I noticed that DS gums were super swollen a little over a week ago- we started using the Hyland's teething tablets and they seemed to help. About 3 days ago I could feel on little sharp corner poking through- and now I can feel that the whole tooth has popped out!

    I am sure it's different for every baby- but for us it seemed to be about a 2 week process. and now the one next to it looks like it wants to come out too!

    At dinner I have been giving him a thick cucumber slice to nom on- and we have also tried letting him suck on a cold washcloth.

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    Don't know.  My LO has had teeth buds sitting right under his gums since he was 3 months old.  They can sit there for months.  (Obviously.)  I don't think they are coming in anytime soon either.  We can feel them under the gums but they just won't break through.
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    I could see the teeth through the front of LO's gums (looking straight at him) for a good month before they popped through.  (Sorry if that's bad news!)  But once I could see the teeth through the top of the gums (sort of a gray line through the top), they popped in a day, maybe two.
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