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Ear Infection - No Antibiotics

My son was diagnosed with an ear infection about a month ago.  I chose not to give him antibiotics, but to work with a chiropractor instead.  The chiropractor adjusts his neck for the fluid can drain out, which will help drain the infectious bacteria.  Last week the chiropractor said the infection had healed, but when I went to my doctor later in the week she said he still had an infection. I decided to start him on antibiotics, since she said the infections was still there.  After three days on the medication, my son had a bad diaper rash (which he never gets), a rash on his back and arm, and had diarea.  It was obvious to me that he was having a reaction to the medication.  We decide to stop giving him the medication and go back to working with the Chiropractor.  The chiropractor mentioned that my son is also in the middle of getting three teeth, which can also cause major inflimation in the eardrum area. 

Has anyone not used antibiotics to treat an infection?  Did the infection heal itself?  I just don't know what to do.  It is such a tough decision when it is your own child.

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Re: Ear Infection - No Antibiotics

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    I was one of those ear infection kids... my mom told me that I had about 30 ear infections as a child. I just remember lots of bubble gum flavored medicine.

    One thing that did happen a lot was that I had blockages in my ear... literally huge chunks of wax that would form deep in there and no medicine would help clear those. The doctor always ended up literally trying to flush the blockage out of my ear, which normally worked.

    Just a thought....

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    I'm not flaming you and it is your decision on how to treat your baby but I think you should ask your MD before just stopping antibiotics. To start treating an infection then stop can cause greater complications later as in the infection can become resistant to that medication. In which case, you may have to use a stronger antibiotic to treat the infection.

    I would think you should consult a health care professional on this one. Good Luck and I hope your baby is better soon!

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    How do you know it was a reaction from the antibiotics? I am allergic to a lot of medications & it doesn't take 3 days to appear.

    I am not sure why you decided to wait to start the antibiotics right away. Do  you have any idea how ridiculously painful ear infections are? When it comes to my child, I want her out of pain and quickly. My boss got an ear infection 3 weeks ago and he was reduced to tears, it broke my heart when I thought about my daughter having one when she was itty bitty.

    I would talk with your doctor. I understand not wanting unneccessary treatments but when it comes to my child, I just want them to be pain free.

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    I am in the midst of geting rid of a very bad ear infection myself...because I ignored it for awhile (not thinking it was an infection) I now also have a ruptured ear drum due to pressure from the infection. I had a zillion ear infections as a kid. IMHO, I would go through a complete course of antibiotics per your MD. I absolutely understand not wanting to give too many meds, but an infection can be so painful and get worse if not treated. This is a very legitimate and necessary reason for antibiotics. Smile
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    No flames here either- but depending on how many ear infections/fluid in the ears your child has had they may need tubes. DD has had several- and after 2 courses of antibiotics, and 2 courses of allergy meds (we were hoping that would help) the fluid was just not going away- our pedi said go see the ENT- she needs tubes. If that fluid is left in the ear for long periods of time kids have have delays in speech development. Our pedi did not want to keep treating DD with antibiotics, so I don't disagree with you in not wanting to use them, but there may be another issue going on- tubes are so common and usually fix the problem with fluid in the ears almost instantly.

    I would definatly talk to your pedi before stopping any meds- the allergeric reaction could have nothing to do with the meds, it be something totally different. I see a chiro for muscular pain, but I would not trust a chiro to be seeing my child for ear infections. I would also be concerned that chiro would even see a child so young.

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    I second what ikaydid said. Maybe using the antibiotics in conjunction with the chiro may be another option.
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